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If you've been blindsided and trust has been destroyed...

Here's How To Rebuild Trust in Your Relationship or Marriage--
even if there's been an affair!

Dear Friend,

We're relationship coaches Susie & Otto Collins and if trust has been
destroyed in your relationship and you've tried everything but can't
seem to get past your hurt, anger, and resentment, you've come to the
right place.
First, we'd like to ask you a few questions...
Please answer as honestly as possible. No one will see or know your
answers and we think you'll get a lot out of this quick exercise.
Here are the questions...

Do you have challenges communicating openly with your partner,
especially after what's happened?
Is your relationship or marriage in trouble or dying because of
unresolved trust issues and you don't know how to get out of the limbo
you're living?

Are you suffering from emotional pain because you want more from your
partner and you're not sure you can trust him or her anymore?

Are you staying in this relationship even though the trust is gone just
because you don't want to go through the pain of a break up?
Do the lies seem to go on forever? Does he or she say they'll change
but nothing ever does?

Do you ever wonder what you can do to get the love you really want in
this relationship or marriage?

If you said "YES" to any of the questions we just asked you, not only
are you probably feeling a great deal of pain about your situation but
you are now beginning to see that your relationship or marriage may be
in more trouble than you thought as well.
The good news is that there is hope and here's what we want to share
with you right now about rebuilding trust...

What You Can Learn From Our "Mistakes" That Could
Actually Help You Rebuild Trust and Your Relationship...

Today, in addition to having a great relationship between the two of us
filled with with lots of love, trust and connection--we are also highly
successful relationship coaches.
While we are so happy to have the relationship we have and are proud to
have come this far both personally and professionally-- the truth is
that it wasn't always this way.

At the time we're writing this letter to you, we've been together 16
years and before getting together and "finding" each other, we were
both married to other people and were with them for quite a while. In
fact, prior to getting together, Susie was married to someone else for
30 years and Otto was married to someone else for 15 years.

We didn't realize it then, but in hindsight we made every mistake
possible in our previous relationships and marriages.

We did plenty of things that were not what you would do if you wanted
to have that relationship filled with plenty of trust.
And still... as crazy as it may sound... as we look back on those times
before getting together and think about what we each did in our
previous marriages that were inappropriate for someone who wanted to
create a close, connected relationship with their mate-- all we can say
now is--"that's good" and here's why...

Most people don't learn from the mistakes they make in their
relationships and life and just continue to stay stuck in old familiar
That's what we did until one day everything just clicked and in what
was like a blinding flash of insight, we knew what to do to build trust
in our relationship and rebuild it when we lost it.

Because of what we learned and what we're about to share with you, you
may not have to leave your current relationship or marriage in order to
rebuild trust and create a closer and more connected relationship.

What we'd like to encourage you to do is to stand on our shoulders.
Learn from our mistakes and start creating a better relationship
starting right now...

Why Rebuilding Trust Isn't Always Easy
and What You Can Do To Make It Easier...

If you want to know why being able to trust or being trustable are such
big challenges in relationships today, you don't have to look any
further than your favorite media outlet.
We are all being constantly bombarded in movies, television, books,
magazines, newspapers, emails, music, and on the internet with the
message that everyone lies and cheats--especially in committed
relationships and marriages.

The airwaves and other media outlets are filled with real and made up
stories of infidelity and betrayal.
What we have discovered is...if you hear enough of those media messages
over and over (and ALL of us have), it's only natural that you're going
to start putting a question mark in front of everything your partner
says or does. You might even be tempted to lie or cheat because it
seems that "everybody's doing it" and it's somehow acceptable.

Because we've been in difficult relationship situations ourselves and
because we've worked with hundreds of clients to help them rebuild
trust and their relationships, we know what you're probably saying to
yourself right now...

You're probably saying something like...

"Yes, I get what you are saying. It's true we are living in a world
where it's more difficult to trust than it used to be but that doesn't
change my situation."
How do you turn trust around and rebuild it if you're in a relationship
or marriage where something really has happened to cause trust to be
broken or even if trust was broken in a past relationship?
What do you do then?
The short answer is... we've just created what we think is the best and
most complete program available anywhere on how to rebuild trust in a
relationship or marriage that's been broken.
Our new program is called "Relationship Trust Turnaround" and if you
want to start rebuilding trust and a closer and more connected
relationship or marriage, here are some suggestions we'll give to you
right now...

Two Things You Can Start Doing Right Now
To Rebuild Trust and Your Relationship...

If you want to rebuild trust in your relationship or marriage you're
certainly going to want to pick up a copy of our new "Relationship
Trust Turnaround" guidebook and audio program we just mentioned.
In the meantime, here are two suggestions you can start doing right

Be honest and Be transparent

Sure you know what it means to be "honest" and you may even have a good
idea what transparency means.

You may also be thinking or saying that you're NOT the problem. It's
your partner.

If that's the case, we certainly understand but here's what we mean
when we make the suggestion to you to be honest and be transparent as
it relates to the idea of rebuilding trust in a relationship...

if you want to rebuild trust, you both are going to want to decide to
be honest with each other because you want something different for your
When you "hold back" thoughts, words and feelings, you are only partly
in the relationship. Your commitment is to "protecting" yourself and
the illusion of who you are rather than be who you are and share that
with your partner.

Let us offer a word of caution here as we're talking about the idea of
saying what you mean, not holding back and being honest.

By suggesting that being honest, saying what you mean or speaking your
truth are good things, please understand that this doesn't mean that
you're going to give yourself a license to be mean, belligerent or
think it's OK to be a verbal bully to make up for the times when you
felt powerless.
Acting in this way would be counter-productive and could take you away
from your goal of rebuilding trust.
We certainly know that this is easier said than done but if you are
going through trauma in your relationship and want ease and change,
it's time to rethink what you can do differently.

But, what about lying?

There Are Two Kinds of Lying in Relationships
and One or Both Could Be Negatively Affecting

As we see it, there are two kinds of lying:
Lying to yourself
Lying to your partner
You lie to yourself because you want to avoid looking at the truth of
the situation and how potentially painful it will be. You fear what
might or could happen if you were really honest with yourself.
You lie to your partner or your partner lies to you because there is a
fear that if the other person really knew the complete truth, it would
cause even bigger problems than you're going through right now.
This simply isn't true. If you are open and honest with each other with
the intention of connecting and healing what's happened between you
instead of blaming and judging, you'll be amazed by how big of a
difference this can make as you work toward rebuilding trust.
The interesting thing (and something you may not want to hear) is that
both partners can be doing both kinds of lying in the relationship.

It sure does get pretty confusing when this happens.

After all if you're like a lot of people, you're probably wondering...

How Do You Deal With Lies in a Relationship?

We devote a good bit of time to this question of dealing with lies and
honesty in our new "Relationship Trust Turnaround" guidebook and audio
program we've been telling you about so we'll just give you the short
version here...

People often tell lies because they don't believe that they can be who
they really are or get what they want unless they tell you what they
think you want to hear.

Lying becomes a habit and a way of manipulating to get what the person
wants-- whether it's to keep the peace, to temporarily make the other
person happy or simply a game to try to get away with something.
Lying is a coping mechanism that a person has developed that seemed to
work in the past so he or she keeps doing it.
Whether the lie is one you are telling yourself or you feel your
partner is lying to you, we suggest that you meet it with curiosity.
Remember, curiosity isn't condoning or forgiving. Curiosity means
taking a step back and opening to listening. Listen and observe with
your entire body, not only to the words but the other person's intent
behind the words that can be seen in his or her actions and body
If you've been lying to yourself about your situation, we also suggest
that you meet this with curiosity. You are gathering information about
your situation and just becoming curious about what's been going on
instead of beating yourself up.
A lie is a "wake up" call for your relationship. There's no trust
possible where there are lies. Get to the bottom of why the person
feels like he or she needs to tell a lie in the relationship. Forget
about "rebuilding trust" until the two of you sort out what's going on
between the two of you.
If the partner is still keeping secrets, there probably is something
that he or she is getting out of doing it. It might be a habit. It
might be a way to hold back on totally committing to relationship. It
might be a way to keep himself or herself safe from being hurt.

Do You Have to Become Transparent to Rebuild Trust?

When the topic of rebuilding trust in a relationship after it's been
broken comes up, invariably the discussion turns to transparency--
especially for the partner who has "caused" the mistrust.
Transparency means being an "open book" and not hiding anything.

You could also say that another way of describing transparency is the
art of becoming "predictable."
While being transparent or predictable is one of the best and quickest
ways to rebuild trust, it can be a source of conflict and division when
transparency is mandated for only one person and he or she doesn't feel
safe enough or have the desire to do it.
One person asked us about it this way...
"What can I do to help my partner understand that NOT keeping secrets
is one of the best ways to build trust?"

Our answer is...
If the partner is still keeping secrets, there probably is something
that he or she is getting out of doing it.

It might be a habit.

It might be a way to hold back on totally committing to relationship.

It might be a way to keep himself or herself safe from being hurt or it
could also be something else.

As you can see, honesty, being transparent and being predictable are
things that are all critical to the trust rebuilding process and this
is just the starting point.
If you're serious about doing what it takes to turn trust around in
your relationship or marriage, you're going to want to know about

We've just created a breakthrough new program that shows you exactly
how to start rebuilding, restoring and renewing trust and your
relationship or marriage...even if there's been an affair!


A new program from Susie & Otto Collins created specifically to help

Relationship Trust Turnaround
How to Rebuild Trust in Your Relationship or Marriage--
Even After An Affair


What Is a Relationship Trust Turnaround and How Can It Help You Rebuild
Broken Trust in Your Relationship?

Not only is a relationship trust turnaround what you want for your
relationship or marriage right now...

...it's also the name of our brand new program that we've spent the
last few months putting together.

"Relationship Trust Turnaround" is more than just a book or an ebook.
It is a complete "soup to nuts" program for rebuilding trust and
restoring your relationship, as well as your sanity.

This is a complete package of information that has been carefully
chosen to give you all the information and help you're going to need to
start turning trust around and rebuilding your relationship right away.

The "Relationship Trust Turnaround" program includes two books, 8 audio
recordings and two special reports, all tightly focused on helping you
heal this painful situation you're living with.

To the best of our knowledge, there's no other program available
anywhere like "Relationship Trust Turnaround."

What's great about this program is that it is available in an instantly
downloadable format. This means you get to download everything that
comes with the program to your computer.

Because you're downloading everything, this also means you don't have
to spend valuable time waiting on a package to come in the mail.

It also means NO expensive shipping charges.

Best of all, you can start learning these incredible secrets and
strategies for rebuilding trust almost immediately after you let us
know you want the program.
Here's what you're going to get in the package...

Part 1 of the Package
The "Relationship Trust Turnaround" Guidebook

~195 pages
~Instantly available
~No waiting
~No shipping charges

We've organized this guidebook from our course into three parts.
In Part 1... We introduce you to some new ways of looking at trust and
what really causes mistrust. (It's not the obvious answer and it's not
what you think.)

Also in part one, we talk about where trust building really starts.
(This too will surprise you.)

Here, in part one, we guide you through identifying your particular
situation and help you to look at your problem with new understandings

In Part 2... This is where we lay out our exclusive, breakthrough
step-by-step process for rebuilding trust. We also share new insights
about how you truly can see the big picture that is so hard to see when
you are being blinded by the pain of what you're going through.
In Part 3... We give you specific strategies for learning to trust
yourself, making conscious choices instead of reacting, speaking your
truth from your unfulfilled or unspoken wants, needs or desires and
making requests that are able to be heard and understood--and most of
all, how to communicate with ease.
In this third part, we go in-depth in answering some of the most
burning questions you may have right now.

Here, we cover things like forgiveness, anger and releasing hurts from
the past, how to deal with flirting.

We share insights with you about apologies, boundaries, building
trustable moments, what to do if you're wrongly accused, how to change
your constant thoughts about the past and more.
Woven within the pages of this "Relationship Trust Turnaround"
guidebook are our personal stories and the questions & stories of
others who gave us permission to use their words with the hope that
their experiences would be helpful to you as you discover how to
rebuild trust and restore your relationship or marriage.
There are questions at the end of each chapter to help you examine your
specific situation more closely and to give you more clarity about your
situation and what you need to do in order to restore trust.

When you order the "Relationship Trust Turnaround" program, you'll also
get instant access to the following downloadable mp3 audio recordings
that are a part of the package...
Audios 1 & 2
These two audios are the recordings of our teleseminar...
"Answers To The Ten Top Questions About How To Rebuild Trust In A
Relationship or Marriage"

This presentation is nearly ninety minutes and in these two audio
recordings, we show you how to stop imagining "worst case scenarios,"
our take on "flirting," our answer to the question "is jealousy ever
warranted," and making sure your partner isn't cheating, spying. We
talk about the most important steps to trusting, dealing with lies and
lying, demonstrating trustability, dealing with actual infidelity, what
to do when your partner falsely accuses you and much more...

(Recording time approx 90 minutes)

Audio 3

"Otto Collins Interviews Dr. Bob Huizenga (The Infidelity Coach) About
His Secrets and Strategies for Helping You Rebuild Trust In Your
Relationship or Marriage"
On this recording, you're going to learn about 7 distinctly different
types of affairs, how to deal with these different situations, what you
can do when your partner can't or won't open to you more, how to use
both verbal and non-verbal ways to communicate to rebuild trust and
much more...

(Recording time Approx 63 mins)

Audio 4

"Otto Collins Interviews Leslie Karen Sann On Forgiveness"

On this audio recording, you'll learn new tools for releasing blocks to
forgiveness, some of the best ways to forgive, how to use forgiveness
as a tool for rebuilding trust, when to forgive and when not to
forgive, a better way to "forgive and forget," amazing skills for
opening your heart and much more...
(Recording time Approx 59 mins)

In addition to the information described above specific to turning
trust around...
You're also going to get the downloadable version of our incredible
program for creating breakthroughs in your relationship or marriage
Also included...
"Instant Relationship Breakthroughs" Program

21 immediately useable and practical ideas for reclaiming your
relationship, improving communication and rebuilding trust.


~92 page downloadable guidebook
~3 (mp3) downloadable audio recordings from three teleseminar
(about 60-70 minutes each)

In this program, we take you through 21 immediately usable and
practical ideas, strategies and skills you're going to need to know and
use as you move forward toward reclaiming your relationship and
rebuilding trust.

Each of these "Instant Relationship Breakthroughs" is designed to help
you to change directions, in small or large ways, so that you can
create the relationship and love that you truly want instead of what
you don't want.

When you order this "Relationship Trust Turnaround" program and package
described above...
You also get these 3 terrific bonuses as an additional part of the
package too...
Bonus Audio

"Relationships and Money"

As you know, money is one of the biggest areas in relationships where
conflict often comes up.
On this audio recording from an interview and live teleseminar, we
tackle the toughest of tough financial conflicts between couples.
We will guide you through how to handle sensitive money issues in

You will learn the proper way to address who should handle the
finances, whether or not to keep separate finances and how to reconcile
financial concerns in blended families.
We also teach you how to agree on spending money on the kids and
successful ways to approach bringing different amounts of financial
resources into a new relationship and much more. (Recording time Approx
45 mins)

Bonus # 2
Special Report From Leslie Karen Sann...
"Freedom and The Art of Forgiveness"
This is an incredibly valuable 12 page instantly downloadable companion
"handout" that will help you get even more out of the interview Otto
did with Leslie on Forgiveness that is included in this package and
described above.


Digital Download

Bonus # 3
Special Report By Susie and Otto Collins
"10 Communication Mistakes Most People Make In Their Relationships and
What They Can Do To Fix Them"
This 21 page special report by Susie and Otto contains the master
keys on how to start improving communication now with everyone in your
life. This will give you even more help with communicating with your
partner as you move toward rebuilding trust and restoring your
relationship and connection.


Digital Download

As an extra added bonus, you'll get free tips and ideas about how to
build more trust in your relationship, as well as our love and
relationships newsletter free of charge.
Here's a partial list of what you'll learn when you get the
"Relationship Trust Turnaround" program...

You'll learn:

What you can do to rebuild trust in your marriage after an affair

What you can do when your partner "flirts" and says they will not
change their flirting and suggestive ways with others and it's really
hurtful to you

How you know the difference between when your jealousy is unwarranted
or when there really is reason to take heed of the situation and
confront your partner

How you stop thinking about and imagining worst case scenarios in your

How you reassure a partner that is constantly accusing you of being
unfaithful without any reason

The steps in making the commitment to trust one another and honoring
that commitment no matter what happens

The most important issues to work on in the beginning to restore the
relationship to solid ground when your marriage or relationship has
been on the rocks and you have decided to give it one more try

How to stop looking for ways to mistrust (especially when your partner
has done nothing to warrant your mistrust)

What you can do when your partner continues to look at porn on the
internet, even though you've asked him or her to stop and it continues

How you build more trust so that you can feel closer and want to have
sex with your partner

What steps you can both take to start to build trust

How to forgive and forget

How to know if your partner is cheating or not

How to deal with a partner who has lied to you in the past and
continues to lie to you and you don't know what to believe anymore

The two things you and your partner are going to want to do if you
truly want to open to each other

What you are going to have to do to rebuild trust if you are working on
rebuilding it by yourself

How long you should expect it to take for the two of you to rebuild the
trust between you and get back on solid ground

What actions you should take at each step of the way in order to
rebuild trust in your relationship or marriage

What you do to rebuild trust when you have a clash or rules, values or
major differences

What you can do to find your authentic voice and truly learn to trust
yourself as you work to rebuild trust between the two of you

How you can get in touch with what you are truly feeling when you are
"triggered" or something just doesn't feel right

What you can do to start rebuilding trust if you've had major trust
issues with PAST partners and you just can't seem to get past it

The one thing that MUST happen if an affair is still going on and you
want to have any hope of experiencing genuine trust in your

What you should look for within yourself and your partner if you want
to make sure an affair is really over

What you can do to begin setting and enforcing healthy

The best ways to deal with jealousy and insecurity in social situations

How to create, set and keep agreements between the two of you that
rebuilds trust

The secrets to building or rebuilding trust in a long-distance

How to deal with issues like flirting, spying, online porn and
cybersex while you are trying to build more trust in your relationship

How much privacy is acceptable and how much privacy should you demand
or request if you want to rebuild your relationship and make and keep
it healthy

How you can know whether you'll be able to truly trust this
person again or not

What you can do to make sure you stay on course once you start to
restore the trust and your relationship

And much more...

How to tell if this "Relationship Trust Turnaround" program is for

If you or your partner has ever had an affair with anyone while in this
relationship and the issue is still an issue, then this program is for
you because it will help you reverse the damage that lack of trust is

If you are sick and tired of worrying what your partner is doing when
you don't know where they are or what they're up to-- then this
"Relationship Trust Turnaround" program is for you. This will help you
resolve this right now.

If there is any part of you that is crying out from inside of you
because of this lack of trust-- knowing that you deserve more than you
have right now in this relationship -- then you need to get this
program now and do whatever you can to start healing yourself and your
If you or your partner are bothered by the other's flirting or outgoing
behavior and think it's too over the top for someone to continue doing
when you're in a committed relationship or marriage, then this is for
This program will help you get to know, understand and shift any
behaviors that you want to shift that do not promote trust building and
connection in your relationship.

If you or your partner hold back in any way from giving more of
yourselves to each other because of trust challenges, then you need to
pick up a copy of this program and learn the strategies we teach for
opening deeper and trusting more.

Life is too short to hold back in your loving. It's our belief that
love and relationships are the things that make life worth living.

Please don't hold back.

If there's fear that comes up for you that causes you to hold back--
get this program now and let us help you break through these challenges
so you can start enjoying more of what life has to offer.
If you wonder how you can ever regain trust in your relationship after
all you've been through-- then we'd like to show you how you can.

To Turn Trust and Your Relationship Around--
Here's All You Have To Do...

All you have to be willing to do is invest a little time, effort and
energy into learning some new skills ideas and techniques that will
dramatically improve the quality of your relationship and we'll take
care of the rest.
If you have even an ounce of desire to heal the trust issues and
challenges that have come up for you in your relationship or marriage,
we sincerely believe this program can change your relationship and your

On the other hand, if you aren't willing at this point to spend another
second of your time on this relationship or your partner...


...if you are so frozen with fear that you simply aren't willing to
explore some new possibilities


...if so much has happened that you are unwilling to give it one more
try, then you should probably pass on this info and not bother
downloading it.
This program is for people who want more love and a better relationship
and are willing to try some new ideas and strategies in their
relationship or marriage and do something about it.

What do you want for your relationships?

If you've read this far on this web page, we're thinking that you're
someone who really is interested in more from your relationship than
you have right now and you're willing to be open to some new ideas to
create something better.

Are we right?

We think so and if you're finally ready to get the help you need to
turn trust around in your relationship or marriage, then here's what
you're going to want to do...

Download our complete "Relationship Trust Turnaround" program now and
start going through the information right away.

It gives you everything you need to know to be able to start rebuilding
trust and your relationship now (before this issue destroys your
relationship or marriage.)

This program is the most complete course available anywhere on how to
rebuild trust in a relationship and how to start reconnecting with your
partner or spouse. Nothing has been held back.

To make this decision easy for you, we've priced "Relationship Trust
Turnaround" so affordably that regardless of what is going on with the
economy right now, you'll be able to fit this into your budget and
price won't be the reason you don't get this program.

Why this "Relationship Trust Turnaround" program is different and how
that's good news for you...

As you think about this program, please don't make the mistake of
thinking that this program is just a book or an "eBook." It's much
more than that.
The fact is--what we've created here is a complete program designed
completely with the goal of giving you the exact information you need
to help you rebuild trust in your relationship or marriage.
Before we decided to create this program, we looked for other books and
programs on the subject of trust building and here's what we found...

Sure, there are a handful of books out there that offer trust building
advice AND...

Strangely enough, most of those books we found that focused on building
trust in a relationship are focused on building trust in a business
relationship and NOT on an intimate relationship or marriage.
When it comes to advice and help on how to rebuild trust in an intimate
relationship or marriage, information on building trust in business is
NOT what you want.

You want the help you get to be as tightly focused as possible on the
specific issue you are dealing with and that is-- lack of trust in a
(couple's) relationship or marriage and the trust building and
communication skills you need to know to be able to heal it.

We've covered a lot here but here's a quick warning before we move on:
There are some relationship resources we've found on the internet that
are singly focused on "saving your marriage" or "getting your ex back."
The one criteria we've yet to find with any of these kind of materials
is the long term focus that "Relationship Trust Turnaround" has.
Our advice is don't just go for the quick fix and focus only on how to
"save" your relationship or marriage.

You want to make sure you get the help you need to rebuild trust and
communicate to connect as well.
If you only focus your efforts on "saving" the relationship, you may be
lacking the most important part and that's the rebuilding the trust and
connection part.
Our "Relationship Trust Turnaround" program helps you do both.

What we've come to realize over the past few months of working on
creating this program on rebuilding trust in a relationship is that
there simply is no other program like this available anywhere.

That's why we created it.

Let's Wrap This Up...

Most people who have trust issues in their relationships tend to stay
stuck in their pain for a long time because they don't reach out and
get the help that is available to them if they will only say yes to it.

We've also found that many of these same couples who have trust
challenges in their relationship or marriage continue going down the
same path they are on (sometimes for years) and continue to let this
issue destroy their relationship or marriage.
Don't let this be you.

When you apply what we share with you in "Relationship Trust
Turnaround" to your relationship or marriage, you will potentially save
yourself years of emotional pain.

If you've been trying to work through your relationship trust
challenges by yourself, our help can be a lifesaver.

If you're already working with a therapist, then this information we're
offering is an affordable way to take the work you're doing with them
to a whole new level without a lot of cost.

When you apply what we share with you in this program to your
relationship or marriage, you'll be able to understand everything you
need to know to start turning trust around right now.

By knowing this information, you'll be able to rebuild trust with your
partner, regain your connection, keep your relationship together and
help you to get the love you really want.

You owe it to yourself, your relationship, your family to do whatever
it takes to rebuild the trust in this relationship now.
Don't waste another minute of your time feeling like you are
disconnected, disrespected and unloved.
Get your copy of "Relationship Trust Turnaround" and start rebuilding
trust in your relationship or marriage now...

Why This "Relationship Trust Turnaround"
Book and Audio Program is So Affordable...

In thinking about what the value of this program is--ask yourself this
What is the value (in dollars) if you are are able to turn trust
around, rebuild it and create more of what you want in your

Is the value of the kind of relationship you want...five hundred
dollars? A thousand? Ten thousand? More than that if you can create the
kind of relationship or marriage you want?

Don't worry--even though the value of this program is easily worth ten
or twenty times what we're asking-- we wanted to make sure we kept the
price of Relationship Trust Turnaround affordable for anyone regardless
of what the economy is doing.
If you order now,
you'll get the entire "Relationship Trust Turnaround" package which

~ the downloadable "Relationship Trust Turnaround" guidebook

~ the four "Relationship Trust Turnaround" mp3 audios

~ the "Instant Relationship Breakthroughs" 92 page downloadable manual

~ the three mp3 audio recordings from the "Instant Relationship
Breakthroughs" teleseminars
~ the three additional bonuses mentioned above, plus our love and
relationships newsletter free of charge, at the low price of only

You're smart enough to know that $67 is an absolute bargain compared to
the price of staying stuck with a lack of trust in your relationship or
marriage and not knowing how to shift it.

Our goal is simply to give you the information you need to rebuild the
broken trust and restore your relationship at a price anyone can afford
no matter what the economy is like right now. That's why we offer such
an amazing guarantee.


60 Day 100% No-Risk Guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%,
no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied with
your purchase, just let us know within 60 days and
we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server

Click the "Add To Cart" button below to download "Relationship Trust
Turnaround" now... and you'll be on your way to rebuilding and
restoring trust in your relationship or marriage right now

Many Blessings to you

Relationship Coaches
Susie & Otto Collins

P.S. If you have questions about this program or would like to order by
phone, call us at 614-459-8121.

Below are few rave reviews and success stories about Susie and Otto and
their other books, courses and info

"Great Seminar At An Affordable Price..."

"I participated in the seminar last night and the night before on
relationship trust. I found this program to be well organized and
presented in a concise, clear format with step-by-step tangible tools
that one could incorporate easily in one's everyday life.
"I appreciate not only the great information provided at an affordable
price, but I respect both Susie and Otto's compassionate, caring and
thoughtful responses to some of the seminar participant's questions.

"It was also helpful to have both the male and female perspective.
Thank you for providing a great learning format."
Margie Anton, Chugiak Alaska

"Discovered Many Ways to Keep Her Love Alive..."

"I have found your books to be both inspiring and educational. I have
learnt important things about love and relationships that I never
paid enough attention to in the past. I have discovered many ways to
keep my love alive and they have also opened me up to the idea of
re-examining myself and my life and my expectations of love and my

"Even though I do not know you both personally, I felt a deep
connection to you. I thank God for you both and I am thankful that you
took the time to share your wisdom and experiences with me."

LOVE, Fiona.


"Clear and practical relationship advice..."

"You two have really hit the nail on the head! I feel like you looked
right into our relationship issues. Your insights and ideas are so
clear and practical. I am excited to put them to use! Thank you!"


"Very Valuable For Me In Transforming My Relationship..."

"I have found your book once again amazing and extremely useful. Your
information and tools provided in your tape and books have been very
valuable for me in transforming my relationship. Over the past few
years I have read numerous relationship books to help me have a
wonderful, passionate relationship. Nothing compares to your books. You
are both our wonderful role models to look up to, and you really do
light a hope for the rest of society.

"Please advise me whenever you write anymore books, articles, etc. Many
thanks for all your help in changing our life in such a positive way.
Have a great day and keep up the fantastic work, as it's needed in
today's society."

Sue Afrasiabi, Australia


"Felt As If a Giant Weight Had Been Lifted..."

"I separated from my husband after he sustained a mild head injury and
his behaviour and personality changed dramatically from the person I
knew and loved. I suffered much heartache and loss--crying almost
everyday for the last three years. That is until I started listening to
your "How To Heal Your Broken Heart " programme. I started to recognize
feelings and started taking responsibility for them.
"One night, I started to listen to your creative visualisation exercise
and fell asleep with the headphones on. In the morning, I felt so much
better as if a giant weight had been lifted. Obviously, my brain took
the messages in even though I was sleeping.
"Your programme has turned out to be a life saver for me personally and
I recommend it to others. Thank you for finding me in this big
Lesley Sutton

"Most of the information is exactly what I would tell a friend but
until now found it difficult when trying to apply it to my own life. I
am tired of making excuses for myself and enjoyed hearing the same
words I have said many times to others come directly at me in a
non-threatening way.

"Very helpful, especially the part about how to stop thinking of that

"It was very, very illuminating, particularly your insights into how to
be clear about not going back."
Carlos Prieto

"I ordered the 'How To Heal Your Broken Heart ' Package a few weeks ago
and can't give enough positive feedback about it. It has been helpful
to me in many ways; it has helped me to learn volumes of information
about to learn from the past, how to look at the situation
compassionately and objectively, and how to re-create my life in the

"Before "How to heal your broken heart", I was caught in a cycle of
endless questions that would only create more doubt, fear, and
uncertainty about my choices. The book especially has showed me how to
be more forgiving of myself and my ex, and how not to repeat similar
mistakes in the future.

"I believe that I was lost in a sense, without a good paradigm for
healing from the breakup, and that the book helped me to get back on
track with my life. I believe that nowhere else could a person find so
much valuable information in one place, in a user-friendly format, with
such powerful suggestions and guidance for healing.

"I greatly appreciate the time and thought you have put into this book,
it even surpassed the value of individual therapy sessions that I
underwent after the breakup. I learned that to heal completely, I need
to regain my relationship with myself and to set a strong foundation of
insight, positive intentions and actions to drive my life forward
again, and the book has helped immensely in this process. Thanks so


"I was moved by the clarity, honesty and compassion with which Susie
and Otto presented the information on ways to heal from a break up or
divorce. I had in fact just the day before begun the break up process
with my boyfriend, and this was literally perfect timing! I took notes
and I have referred to them regularly during this time of transition in
my life. I enjoyed the seminar immensely and am grateful I had the
opportunity to participate. Thank you Susie and Otto!"

"I thought the information on healing a broken heart was real helpful
to me as it answered so many questions that I had in the back of my
head about starting over, and healing."


"I feel like I now have the tools I need to move forward in life.
Thank you sooo much!"



"Helpful and Insightful..."

"Susie and Otto, I can not begin to tell you how helpful and insightful
your book has been in regards to my relationship with not only my
spiritual partner, but with family and friends as well. Your book and
your newsletters have been a reminder that there is absolutely nothing
that exists outside of love that would serve me. Thank you for the
opportunity to grow with you."

Jacque Keil

"Practical Yet Spiritual Advice..."

"Your articles are soul-inspired and soul-stirring - keep them coming -
they give practical yet spiritual advice."

Kim Ploughman, St. John's, Newfoundland

2009 Susie & Otto Collins, Passionate Heart.

P.O. Box 14544
Columbus, Ohio 43214
(614) 568-8282


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